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Welcome to the workspace for the Horizon.biz Project. The effort is designed to facilitate the creation of the 2009 Horizon Report: Economic Development Edition, and is sponsored by the Economic and Workforce Development (EWD) Program's Multimedia and Entertainment Initiative. EWD is a division of the California Community Colleges’ Chancellor’s Office.

The report will detail which technologies — especially technologies from the web, entertainment, and multimedia industries — experts inside and outside California think will be essential to economic and business growth in California and beyond over the next five years.

What's New

  • At their meeting in Burbank, July 16-17, 2009, the Advisory selected the final topics for the report. The writing phase of the project is now fully underway.
  • The Advisory has completed the initial review of the Research Questions and the semifinalist topics have been identified.

Process Timeline

For additional details on activities, see the timeline.

Introduction to the Horizon.MEI Project Wiki

The Sandbox was our primary work area, where we placed links to the areas in which we were actively engaged. This area changed as we moved through the various processes involved in sorting through the technologies and issues we dealt with as we make our way to the final list that we'll feature in the 2009 Horizon.MEI Report.
  • The section immediately below lists the topics that will be in the 2009 Report. This work was completed at a special day and a half meeting in Burbank, Califorani, July 16-17, 2009.
  • Next is the Sandbox, where all of the research and related work of the project to date is captured.
  • You'll also find below a carefully selected collection of press clippings, articles, reports, essays, RSS feeds, and links we gathered to inform our work. The items in these areas are meant to grow – please add to them liberally from your own readings and environmental scanning – and above all, leave comments!
  • Next is a look back to last year's Horizon Report: Global Edition. Included here are discussions from current and past advisory board members on the current state of some of the technologies we thought would be important a year ago. We'd like to know your views, as we are still within the adoption horizons for all of the technologies listed in 2008.
  • Live RSS feeds are a critical way we ensure we have access to the most up-to-date content. There is much material here, and with your help, it will grow in significance, as you add your own resources to the mix.
  • We rounded out the wiki with a special section related to the Horizon.MEI Advisory Board.

The Topics for the Report

STATUS: The topics have been selected. At the Advisory Board meeting in Burbank on July 16-17, 2009, the group discussed the semifinalist topics in detail, and then used a reverse ranking process to arrive at the final list of topics for the report. These are listed here and also presented in graphical form. Challenges and trends are listed in priority order, with the first listed rated as most important.

Adoption Horizon: Less than one year.

Adoption Horizon: Two to three years.

Adoption Horizon: Four to five years.

Critical Challenges

  • California students are not being educated in a culture of innovation and creativity
  • There is a growing need for formal instruction in key new skills, including information literacy, visual literacy, and technological literacy
  • Small companies are not embracing technologies that could give them a real competitive advantage
  • Boundaries are disappearing between work, play and general living
  • IP Laws and practices are irrelevant in today’s world

Key Trends

  • Technology is increasingly a means for empowering employees, a method for communication and socializing, and a ubiquitous, transparent part of their lives
  • Employees increasingly expect to be able to work flexible hours and to work from locations other than an office building
  • Increasing globalization continues to affect the way we work, collaborate, and communicate
  • The ability to produce and publish is growing broader and easier
  • Modern consumers expect that the content in which they are interested will be available in all possible different forms
  • Gaming is an increasingly universal phenomenon among those entering the workforce

Horizon Report Sandbox -- where most of the work took place

STATUS: The Advisory Board has completed its work generating responses to the five research questions listed below. Both the initial and the final rounds of rankings are also completed. Follow any of the links below for more information.

Press Clippings & Reports -- technology news and reports that informed our work

STATUS: The Advisory Board reviewed these resources as part of their background research and tagged those they considered important references with their wiki signatures.

Additional Resources -- up-to-the-moment information that helped our decisions

STATUS: The Advisory Board reviewed the reports and articles in this section, and added new ones, along with commentary.

The 2009 Horizon.MEI Project Advisory Board – the people who guided our topic discovery and selection process