Economic Development Edition Shortlist

One Year or Less

Two to Three Years

Four to Five Years

Topic Description

Smart (intelligent) objects are objects that have a connection between the real world and the digital world or to each other. They seem to have a life of their own and perform independent actions that may also occur across a network.

Relevant Applications for Small to Medium Businesses

  • Both the military and medical industries already have intelligent devices in use. These objects gather and report positional and analytic data and feed it back to a central location for further interpretation
  • Intelligent appliances are already available that read barcodes on packaged foods and perform the preparation instructions without human interaction:
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Please list 2-3 specific examples of this technology or practice. Each example must include a full URL link to a web resource that either describes or demonstrates the example (the example does not have to be a business use case).
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Please list 2-3 articles, blog posts, or papers that explain the technology or practice. Each reading should include the title of the item, the link to the item on the web, and a brief (one-two sentence) annotation indicating what kind of resource it is and what it talks about.