Economic Development Edition Shortlist

One Year or Less

Two to Three Years

Four to Five Years

Topic Description

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Semantic apps can focus search results to focus contexts for specific business needs.

Enabling technologies- such as RDF (rapid development framework) OWL (ontological web language)

Relevant Applications for Small to Medium Businesses

Please list 2-3 ways this technology or practice might be used to improve common business practices or to create new businesses or business opportunities. Each item should be no more than a sentence or two at most.
  • E-Service Suite: Self-Service and Agent Portal—provides companies with knowledgebases and workflows for rapid, efficient service support and self-service; Automated Response Management--allows timely and accurate responses to incoming communications.
  • Voice of the Customer—enables the analysis of customer feedback to inform business decisions.
  • Market Voice--allows comprehensive analysis of online customer conversations to understand and act on market buzz.
  • Research and Discovery—facilitates advanced search and classification of internal and external data, enabling early detection of issues in corporate, risk and legal processes.
  • Intelligence Analysis--enables analysis of content, context and connections among individuals, events, places, etcitem 1
  • item 2
  • item 3


Please list 2-3 specific examples of this technology or practice. Each example must include a full URL link to a web resource that either describes or demonstrates the example (the example does not have to be a business use case).


Please list 2-3 articles, blog posts, or papers that explain the technology or practice. Each reading should include the title of the item, the link to the item on the web, and a brief (one-two sentence) annotation indicating what kind of resource it is and what it talks