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Research Question Two

What technologies that have a solid user base in other industries should small to medium businesses be actively looking for ways to apply?

NOTE: This question pushes the notion of "established" technologies outside of usual business applications, and seeks to uncover things that are well established "in the world", but not yet in small to medium business, especially in California. Answers should be easy to support with actual examples and pointers to things people outside of small to medium businesses are actually doing.

  • 3D. 3D is becoming more prevalent and popular in the entertainment industry. This will undoubtedly expand. CNN Money covered this trend in 2008. - KeeneH KeeneH Jul 11, 2009 Google has recently released an open source 3D plug-in for browsers in hopes people will experiment and implement this technology - KeeneH KeeneH Jul 11, 2009
  • 3D Printing (Rapid Prototyping). While the goal of low-cost 3D printers remains elusive, 3D printing is accessible via online providers such as, enabling any enterprise to present an idea as a physical, 3D model. - amichaelberman amichaelberman Jul 13, 2009
  • Alternative Interfaces. Interaction models that move beyond the computer-mouse-keyboard paradigm. Examples include gestural interfaces, multi-touch interfaces, voice recognition, mobile bar codes and presence detection (ambient interaction). Multi-touch screens, for example, allow users to manipulate content intuitively, using natural gestures like flicking the wrist or sweeping the fingertips over a display. Accelerometer-based devices use speed, direction, and momentum as inputs. [...from the 2009 Horizon Report Short List]- Larry Larry Jul 1, 2009 This is expanding more with iPhone apps that take advantage of the accelerometer controls, so movement becomes a way of interacting with information (e.g. shaking and tilting as interface interaction types) - alan alan Jul 1, 2009 The NYTimes R and D labs offer a glimpse of the future of alternative interfaces. This link is just one in a five part series that was on the Nieman Journalism Blog. - KeeneH KeeneH Jul 11, 2009 Interesting article about where Apple may take the interface: - KeeneH KeeneH Jul 11, 2009
  • Alternate Reality Gaming models (ARG). This type of gaming has been used by some marketing companies with business, particularly those tied to entertainment. I think this will become more a more popular way to market products and involve the end user in active ways. A good example is the rock group Nine Inch Nails, content aside, they have done some very bleeding edge work with ARG's surrounding their recent albums. The marketing company 42 Entertainment, did this for them - KeeneH KeeneH Jul 11, 2009. Also, ARG designer/researcher Jane McGonigal's work is worth noting. Here keynote at SXSW in 2008 was excellent and can be found on Slideshare: - KeeneH KeeneH Jul 11, 2009 Major source of info is Alternate Reality Gaming Network (ARGNet) and the IGDA White Paper An intro to ARGs at Sean Stewart documents one of the first popular ARG games used to prmote the movie A.. - alan alan Jul 12, 2009
  • Cloud-Based Presentations. The use of the cloud as a way to share and distribute large media files is commonplace in business and industry (see Slideshare; increasingly presentations are being created in the cloud as well with tools like Vuvox and Presi. See a presentation done in Vuvox for the 2008 Horizon Report, and one done in Presi for the 2009 Horizon Report. - Larry Larry Jul 1, 2009\ While not related to presentations per se in the Cloud, The Arizona State University with 65,000 students adopted Google Apps at great savings that also lessened the load on the campus IT groups. Google's YouTube video explains: - KeeneH KeeneH Jul 11, 2009 Upload and share Powerpoint presentations - laurieb laurieb Jul 12, 2009laurie burruss
  • Collaborative Filtering / Recommendation Sysyems. Somewhere on a third dimension between Collective Intelligence and Semantic Web is a realm of technologies where human experts play a role in helping identify related information. In comparing the concept of Pandora ( a music recommendation service based up expert musicians identifying musical characteristics of songs, Nina Simaon suggests a similar approach for museums "Rather than user-based collaborative filtering, in which visitors receive recommendations based on what other “people like you” enjoyed, Pandora is an example of item-based collaborative filtering, in which visitors receive recommendations based on the similarity of previously selected items (seed songs) to potential members of the collection." Not quite the same, but perhaps related, is the new Associative Knowledge Network- - alan alan Jul 6, 2009 and Designing Recommendation systems that go beyond "You'll Like This" - alan alan Jul 12, 2009
  • Custom mobile apps development that connect to company either in the field or with client as service- laurieb laurieb Jul 12, 2009laurie burruss
  • Device-Independent Media Video, audio, and interactive pieces that can be played on any device. The person viewing the media never needs to know what format they need -- the server detects the device and serves up the correct aspect ratio, file format, resolution, and streaming speed. See Cisco's Media Experience Engine: - ninmah ninmah Jul 1, 2009 Apple's suite of both consumer and pro level multimedia producation apps are approaching an author once and export out to multiple devices. See iMovie and Compressor's Create Once, Deliver Everwhere capabilities - KeeneH KeeneH Jul 11, 2009
  • Digital content distribution. iTunes has demonstrated that you can monetize the downloading of music files without the fear of rampant piracy. California’s movie and game industries should really be leading the adoption of digital content distribution. Another example of successful monetization of these technologies is the game Guitar Hero which allows for new tracks to be downloaded for a fee.- rherrera rherrera Jul 8, 2009
  • e-Portfolio tools are expressly designed to facilitate the aggregation of digital items - ideas, evidence, reflections, feedback etc. as evidence of a person’s (community or institution) competences and/or abilities. They are being extensively implemented in education but they also bring along opportunities for building personal (and institutional) CV where demonstrating lifelong personal and professional competencies. Read an interesting overview at: - Iolanda Iolanda Jul 12, 2009 Acrobat Pro 9 - laurieb laurieb Jul 12, 2009laurie Burruss
  • Geolocation. Geolocation technology is not new, but it is now beginning to appear in an increasing range of common devices like mobile phones, cameras, and other handheld devices. Similarly, mapping geolocative data is not new; but the ability to easily create map mashups online using multimedia and geotagged data is. This cluster of technologies is developing very rapidly. [...from the 2009 Horizon Report Short List] - Larry Larry Jul 1, 2009 Many, many examples of this. For a business centric look, see the white paper by John Yunker of Byte Level Research titled Going Global with Geolocation (you need to do a quick registration to download the PDF. If you don't want do this, I can email it to anyone interested.) - KeeneH KeeneH Jul 11, 2009 Mobile applications such as Whrrl , Loopt and Google's Latitude will offer new opportunities for geo-location advertising and marketing. - KeeneH KeeneH Jul 11, 2009
  • Getting Found. In this category I would put search engine optimization (and contemporary web site construction), the creation and management of a digital footprint (LinkedIn, blog posts, Twitter), and participation in social/community groups. There was a book a few years ago called "Bowling Alone," about how Americans were not joining clubs anymore. It seems there has been a huge swing towards finding one's tribe with a mix of online and real-life groups. - CynthiaScott CynthiaScott Jul 9, 2009 SEO is very important to businesses. Using various tools, different levels of optimization can be determined. An example would be SEO Spyglass, a cross platform app that gives detailed SEO info. - KeeneH KeeneH Jul 11, 2009 A popular social network aggregator is FriendFeed which can be useful to business who have a number of social networking accounts and want to manage these with less fuss. Google Analytics is also an example of SEO tools for smaller businesses and websites. - KeeneH KeeneH Jul 11, 2009
  • Linked Data / Open Data Advanced by the inventor of the web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, described as a sub topic of the Semantic Web as a "method of exposing, sharing, and connecting data via dereferenceable URIs on the Web" See his TED presentation on Linked Data Open Content and APIs to access data allow new relationships to be identified, visualized, and new results to be harvested. The US Government is beginning to put its data on the web or the site to access government spending States like Rhode Island as well In the UK efforts are under way to make government reports openly commentable vis syndication technology - alan alan Jul 12, 2009
  • Micro-payment models. This gets at the now common idea of the Long Tail introduced by Wired magazine's Chris Anderson. iTunes as mentioned in Digital Content Distribution has found great success with this through its music and iPhone App store. Also, with the introduction of the Kindle e-reader Amazon seems to be experimenting with cheaper, digital formats of hardbound books offering savings to the customer. Anderson's Long Tail blog has lots of examples - KeeneH KeeneH Jul 11, 2009
  • Mind Mapping. New tools for mind mapping could potentially impact the way employees brainstorm and plan out projects and ideas. The tools sometimes have a high learning curve, but the do offer a new way at looking at the brainstorming process. See The Brain and Xmind - KeeneH KeeneH Jul 11, 2009
  • Mobile Accessibility: Most SMB's have not yet made their web presence iPhone/mobile device compatible - either their web site cannot be viewed at all from an iPhone or it's too tiny to be useful. They are missing a huge opportunity to communicate with customers in real-time and it should be very high on their lists to achieve this. For many companies an iPhone app is an appropriate objective - simple iPhone apps are being produced for $10,000 to $20,000. - amichaelberman amichaelberman Jul 13, 2009
  • Netbooks, Smartbooks and related technologies. The netbook wave is upon us. How it will play out is anyone's guess but its an area where business and entertainment should examine whether its creating the hardware or content that people will be viewing on these devices. Other devices are on the horizon. See and NYTimes piece Dragonfly folding netbook - KeeneH KeeneH Jul 11, 2009
  • Neural Computing research being done at UCLA in how people learn, how people make decisions under pressure, how people make decisions. This type of computing might be helpful in teaching OSHA how to identify HAZMAT or learning how a customer makes choices and helping a customer make faster, quicker decisions. Essentially assessment for business and marketing- laurieb laurieb Jul 12, 2009laurie burruss
  • Playing with information. The inventive nature of technology in the hands of gamers and elementary school students points the way for small and medium sized business owners to create new solutions for themselves. - CynthiaScott CynthiaScott Jul 9, 2009 Writer Steven Johnson has explored the effect of today's gaming culture and entertainment industry on youth in his book Everything Bad Is Good For You The book speaks to this idea of playing games and watching modern television and what effect it has on our minds. - KeeneH KeeneH Jul 11, 2009 The handheld gaming industry is set to explode led by the iPhone as a gaming device. The iPod Observer has a nice overview article about what is ahead as an opportunity for developers.
  • Real Time Web. Pushed by the near real time delivery of information via status messaging services (aka twitter, facebook) just emerging now are new way of the web being a source of real time information. See Techcrunch Real-Time Conversations Hasten Social CRM and Are Blogs Losing Their Authority to the Statusphere? Search engines are focusing on Real Time Search many links Google Wave offers promise to turn web content into conversation Wordpress is experimenting with chat messaging for offering Real Time Blogs - alan alan Jul 12, 2009
  • Subscription based models. Building on the "Digital Content Distribution" idea the idea of subscription based content is nothing new but coming up with new applications for it is definitely something that is largely unexplored. The idea is to be able to continue selling after the initial purchase, much in the way Guitar Hero allows for new tracks to be downloaded for a fee. iPhone 3.0 supports the use of subscription based content: . The question becomes not only what can I sell, but how can I continue to sell.- jeffmonday jeffmonday Jul 9, 2009 Also mentioned in Question 1, but the recent GigaOM article has some good info on this. - KeeneH KeeneH Jul 11, 2009
  • Ubiquitous uploading. Many devices are offering straight to the web publishing of content. The new iPhone 3GS can deliver video straight to YouTube for example. Expect to see more of this integration with smartphones, still and video cameras and audio recorders. - KeeneH KeeneH Jul 11, 2009 Many of the media collection, creation Apps for the iPhone allow you to email or publish content directly from the device.
  • Video Aggregators/The New On-Demand TV . While not entirely new, video aggregation and sharing is now commonplace in mainstream web media. There is a consolidation and emergence of mainstream tv media now having an impact on the web as well such as the rise of Hulu Joost on demand movies from NetFlix.. As more video content becomes available these types of models might be worth considering for distribution and aggregation of motion based content. See Internet Video Trends: Video Aggregators and TV Platforms (Robin Good at Even smaller sites jumping in like and - alan alan Jul 1, 2009

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