Economic Development Edition Shortlist

One Year or Less

Two to Three Years

Four to Five Years

Mobile Apps

Mobile applications is a SPACE, an ecosystem evolving, growing, extending the computing experience of the individual as well as the mobile workforce.
  • Productivity
  • Viral Marketing
  • Reaching customers
  • Employee can be productive anywhere, anytime
  • Ubiquitous access to content anywhere
  • How mobile apps tie into economic development
  • Adds context and so turns data into meaning for the use
  • Apps solve problems relevant to user
  • The personal web is the "real time" web
  • 1.3 billion mobile apps sold in 2008
  • Move to iPhone development due to standards, even playing ground with an open entry point
  • Partnerships to brand, market, sell, EX: Wimbledon, camera company, and corporate sponsor this event's broadcast on the mobile device

  • Privacy
  • Control of data
  • Security
  • Business will need to address user distraction, the user's inability to deal with multi-tasking OR focusing the customer on the product, service or experience
  • Development difficult for multiple platforms, distribution and carrier contracts due to fragmented platforms

Relevant Applications for Small to Medium Businesses

Please list 2-3 ways this technology or practice might be used to improve common business practices or to create new businesses or business opportunities. Each item should be no more than a sentence or two at most.
  • Mobile data for mobile workforce EX: Teams in the field, insurance, sales
  • CRM (customer resource management)
  • Credit card transactions
  • Mobile apps are the new virtual office
  • Social networking EX: Yelp! drives customers to restaurants by location
  • Location-based services (service or business within your location area)
  • Entertainment and games
  • Business apps
  • Education
  • Conference management (Peter Hoffman: Conference Connect
  • Research (gathering data, polling
  • Communication
  • Books (publising)
  • Health care
  • Lifestyle
  • Reference
  • Productivity
  • Navigation
  • Utilities
  • Sensory (weather, wind, temp
  • Tagging (geo-, image-, bookmarking, filters)


Please list 2-3 specific examples of this technology or practice. Each example must include a full URL link to a web resource that either describes or demonstrates the example (the example does not have to be a business use case).example 2
  • Onlive: Virtualizes games onto any mobile device
  • Loopt
  • Credit card processing
  • Mobile CRM Cybase
  • Tripit


Please list 2-3 articles, blog posts, or papers that explain the technology or practice. Each reading should include the title of the item, the link to the item on the web, and a brief (one-two sentence) annotation indicating what kind of resource it is and what it talks about.