Economic Development Edition Shortlist

One Year or Less

Two to Three Years

Four to Five Years

Topic Description

Location-based media (LBM) is customized content (including multimedia) available to the user of a mobile device based upon his or her location and other available meta-data.

Relevant Applications for Small to Medium Businesses

  • Presence in directory and social-evaluation services that will enable customers to find them (drive sales and get customers)
  • Use to track field employees e.g. via loopt (improve efficiency and reduce costs)
  • Targeted advertising in non-competing but related location-based media or applications, e.g. someone is looking for coffee in an area, promote coffee cups; use location + weather to create highly targeted ads.
  • Mobile Mashups


  • AroundMe (iPhone app)
  • (iPhone app)
  • (including mobile app)
  • buzzd - app for Blackberry