Tips for Wiki Site Users

This wiki is the working area for the Horizon.MEI Advisory Board members, but as running this project as an open process, this web site is viewable by the general public. However, only Advisory Board members have access to edit the wiki content. Below is some information on wiki editing specific to the board members

If you are not a member of the Advisory Board, you are welcome to visit this site and engage in any comments on the discussion tabs of any wiki page. We also invite you to share relevant web sites, reports, examples by tagging them in the social bookmarking site with the tag hz09mei. See our Tagging page that always displays the most recently tagged web sites.

Logging in to the wiki (Advisory Board Members)

You will receive an email with a link to create your account on the NMC wiki site. If you have not received the email, please contact us by emailing or calling the main NMC office at 512-445-4200. When you follow the link in the email, you are able to select a password and complete a profile.

If you are not logged into the wiki, look for the Sign In link in the top right corner of the wiki site. Once you are logged in your user name will be displayed in this top menu bar.

Filling Out Your Profile

So the board members can get to know each other, we ask that you provide some information in your wiki profile. You can find this my clicking the My Account link in the upper right which leads you to your personal settings page. Look there for a link to Edit Your Profile. This is a great place to practice wiki editing- just type in the content you want to have on your page, and use the editing tool bar to stylize, add links, even images. For examples see:

Working In the Wiki

Your tasks as part of the advisory board include adding to the content of the wiki pages on this site. For any page you are working on, look for the big green Edit This Page button whch launches the wiki editor. The you can edit this pretty much like a Word document with the tools on the toolbar. You can find a comprehensive guide to editing at but a few key hints special to the work that we do on te Horizon Project:
  • If you just list a URL in the text you are writing, it is automatically converted to a link- we encourage you to provide many ljnks!
  • Use the Preview button in the editor if you are unsure of your work, but be sure to Save when you are done.
  • This wiki has easy to use tools for adding images, and you can even embed video clips. To add a video, click the widget icon (it looks like a little TV set), then click Video on the left, and follow the instructions for the appropriate kind of video source. This can embed a relevant video right into the discussions in the wiki, as an exmaple, this YouTube video of Stanford's Mobile Phone Orchestra
  • If you are editing a bulleted list like this one, pressing RETURN/ENTER creates a new bullet. If you just want to put a line break, press SHIFT-ENTER
  • We ask that when you add some new content to the wiki pages, you annotate what you've added sith a "signature" for your contribution. If you type in 4 tilde symbols (~) in a row, this is a special code that will create an automatic timestamp signature that looks like - alan alan Jul 1, 2009