Economic Development Edition Shortlist

One Year or Less

Two to Three Years

Four to Five Years

Topic Description

Augmented reality is the process of using some form of digital sensory enhancement to provide additional information about an environment. It has been around as a concept and subject for experimentation for quite a while. It is only now with the widespread availability of Iphones and cheaper electronics that it is becoming practical for exploitation by small and medium business.

Relevant Applications for Small to Medium Businesses

Please list 2-3 ways this technology or practice might be used to improve common business practices or to create new businesses or business opportunities. Each item should be no more than a sentence or two at most.
  • Location information. An overlay over a map or video of an area can contain information about that area.
  • Entertainment. An area viewed through a heads up display can be populated and enhanced for games or dramatic presentations
  • Industry. A heads up display would inform assemblers what parts to put where, while an overlay would demonstrate proper assembly.


Please list 2-3 specific examples of this technology or practice. Each example must include a full URL link to a web resource that either describes or demonstrates the example (the example does not have to be a business use case).


Please list 2-3 articles, blog posts, or papers that explain the technology or practice. Each reading should include the title of the item, the link to the item on the web, and a brief (one-two sentence) annotation indicating what kind of resource it is and what it talks about.
  • Augmented Reality for Construction. The article describes an program to assist workers in space frame construction by using a headmounted display to direct the user through the construction process and provide a review of his finished work (1996)
  • Augmented Evironments Laboratory - This site acts as the information hub for the Augmented Environments Laboratory at Georgia Tech.