About the Horizon.MEI Project

For years, through its Horizon Project, the New Media Consortium (NMC) has worked to help colleges and universities understand emerging technologies and how they might serve their missions and the people to whom they provide services. The report for higher education is widely used by institutions globally in their strategic planning processes, and is published in six languages. Specialized reports focus expressly on Australia and on K12 education.

In 2009, for the first time, the New Media Consortium will bring this highly regarded process for highlighting and understanding essential emerging technologies to California and to California businesses.

The 2009 Horizon Report: Multimedia and Entertainment Edition is sponsored by the Economic and Workforce Development (EWD) Program's Multimedia and Entertainment Initiative. EWD is a division of the California Community Colleges’ Chancellor’s Office. The report will detail which technologies — especially technologies from the web, entertainment, and multimedia industries — experts inside and outside California think will be essential to growth for business in California over the next five years. This time frame is going to be a critical turning point for the state and for the businesses and industries that call it home.

The report, scheduled for release in early fall 2009, will reflect the collective consensus of a specially convened advisory board about the emerging technologies that will be critical to California business over the next five years, and the challenges and trends that will influence — in both positive and negative ways — businesses’ ability to implement them.

Members of the MEI community are encouraged to follow the Advisory Board's progress as the discussion unfolds and to use the wiki as a resource and reference tool. It is the record of the processes used, materials referenced, research methods, and decisions that were part of creating the 2009 Horizon.MEI Report. It is meant to provide a deep resource of materials that will underpin the Report.

Members of the MEI community are encouraged to participate in the project by tagging resources in delicious.com, using the Project's tag hz09mei.